Perfecting individual footwork by dancing with the ball.

~ Currently, the Soccer Jam Skill Videos are free on Youtube for now since the COVID restrictions! Go to the Soccer Jam Skills Program channel and click on the Playlists!

CHALLENGE #1  All soccer players have one good foot.  Great soccer players develop two good feet.


CHALLENGE #2  Great soccer players learn to enjoy practice time like they enjoy game time.


CHALLENGE #3  To be great, a soccer player needs several hundred to a few thousand touches on the ball each week (they get about 250 touches in a soccer game).


GREAT ANSWER:  Soccer Jam is a one-hour workout that helps soccer players to perfect their individual footwork by dancing with the ball.  They will master 40 essential moves and get 2,500 touches on the ball while having fun perfecting both feet!


The video above is from our local Soccer Jam Sessions mainly in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  See our online store for more information.  For those not in that area, the good news is that our creative and innovative workouts are on video!

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Amazon reviews of what parents and coaches are saying about the Soccer Jam Skills Program Video...

Structure.  Five Jam Sessions cover a total of 40 sets of moves and include both an introductory, instructional practice time and the performance time.

  • Jam Session 1 - British Bulldog

    • Inside of feet & more

  • Jam Session 2 - Heart Spells 

    • Every angle of the feet

  • Jam Session 3 - Mexican Hat Dance

    • Sole of the feet & more

  • Jam Session 4 - Offensive

    • Offense techniques

  • Jam Session 5 - Defensive

    • Defense movements & reinforcements

Sample Video: "Heart Spells"

The only workout in this series that focuses on spelling letters (Soccer Jam was filmed at F.I.R.E. Fitness HQ).

Now is the time to take your footwork to new heightened levels!  If you want to be a great soccer player, you need Soccer Jam in your arsenal.               

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Coach's Credentials

Soccer Jam's founder, choreographer, and skills expert, Kelly Knauss, will be your host and guide:

  • Played soccer at the University of Tennessee and in semi-pro circles in the USISL.

  • Earned a four-year master’s degree in leadership & teaching methods.  As a skills expert, he is an excellent teacher in helping students learn and own these soccer skills in a creative way.

  • Has led 130+ on-site Soccer Jam Sessions mainly in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA (created in Stevens Point).  Soccer Jam Sessions are led by Kelly and business partner, Steve Purdy, former soccer pro of MLS Portland Timbers, FC Dallas; Bundesliga's 1860 Munich, and other pro teams.

  • Coaching youth soccer for nine years, insured soccer trainer, passed all background checks, licensed with WYSA and the United States Soccer Federation, certified adult & pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED.  Also was a private skills coach for youth in Dallas, TX.

  • In 6th grade started dancing with the ball.  By 10th grade was being recruited by soccer college coaches and scouts, including UNC, who exclaimed over his ball control & fancy footwork.

  • Is a fun-loving father who loves coaching his kid's team and helping youth become great soccer players.

  • His experience in music and dance choreography perfected this program.  Kelly Knauss is the most talented soccer coach-artist in the world.

Are you up for the challenge?

Kelly Knauss