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1)  What is the Soccer Jam Skills Program Video's product description?

The DVD contains an instruction and guide page. Also, it should contain a Soccer Jam logo sticker. The Soccer Jam logo and dancer is printed directly on the DVD. The instructions and guide appear in the online videos in Vimeo along with instructions on how to obtain your Soccer Jam logo sticker if you would like.

In the Soccer Jam Skills Program Video, the five Jam Sessions are a total of one hour. The instruction time could be watched a couple of times so that soccer players could initially learn the moves. The skills video has founder and choreographer, Kelly Knauss, teaching and leading dancing with the ball. Another talent is also in the video. There are no children in the video like the resultant classes and promo videos show. When Kelly created and filmed the workout video almost nobody had heard of or had seen a skills program that got soccer players dancing with the ball choreographed to music. But, it's gaining popularity now! Feel free to watch our sample video called "Heart Spells" on our opening homepage on this website. What you see there is what you'll get with the video, Soccer Jam Skills Program. The DVD is SD (Standard Definition). The online videos on Vimeo are HD.

Kelly stated, "In a couple of places in the video I appear short of breath. On film day, performing about 10,000 touches on the ball, I danced with the ball and talked for twelve hours in front of the cameras which is well past men's quota for dancing and talking for a day!" =)

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2)  Where are your Soccer Jam Classes & Camps?

Local Soccer Jam Sessions and Camps take place in Green Bay, Wisconsin USA and will aim to expand from there in the future.  More info at www.SoccerJamGreenBay.org 

3)  What is more effective, individual practice or group practice and playing the game?

Both individual and group practice and play are effective. Soccer players should perfect their individual, technical footwork in order to complement their group tactics and strategy. Soccer Jam does not pull players out of group play. Much of soccer is learned in group and team play. Individual practice complements and does not replace group and team play.  Our goal is to, first, let players know that advanced moves exist.  Secondly, players should perfect these moves individually on their own, mastering the mechanics and muscle memory of these moves.  Then, players can use these advanced moves in team practice and games, reading the opponent.

The constant and creative repetition of practicing the 40 moves in Soccer Jam gets soccer players doing these moves "in their sleep" so that when they have to instantly "pull a move out of the bag" during game-play, they can do so without thinking about it--like riding a bike.


4)  What is the appropriate age to perform Soccer Jam?

We recommend age ten and older especially for local Soccer Jam Sessions. However, there are seven, eight, and nine-year-old players, teenagers, and adults following (or pacing themselves through) the Soccer Jam across the United States, Canada, and abroad.


5)  How often should a player perform Soccer Jam?

Soccer players should regularly perform the five Jam Sessions about once a week or two for an hour. Teens could practice Soccer Jam more than elementary kids.  Regular practice will progressively perfect and reinforce their footwork. The Soccer Jam website, DVD insert, and online video information give specific suggestions for how to best use the Soccer Jam videos.


6)  How much floor space is needed for an individual?

Ten feet by ten feet is all a player needs to practice alone or with safety barriers between multiple players in order to keep soccer balls contained (as seen in our indoor classes in our promo videos). On a large field without safety barriers, 20 feet by 20 feet is plenty of room for multiple players.

Soccer Jam was created with cold and rainy days in mind. Therefore, it can be a great indoor, team workout or a solo workout in the home. So, if you're going solo, get that coffee table out of the way and JAM ON!


7)  Where did Soccer Jam get these soccer ideas and moves?

From Kelly Knauss, our founder and choreographer:

"When I was a boy I attended a British soccer camp that introduced me to some individual footwork moves. I regularly continued in that discipline and innovatively created more moves being also inspired by Argentinian (like Diego Maradona) and Brazilian creative players. Later as a private skills coach in Dallas, TX, I taught individual footwork to competitive players and was surprised that they were not familiar with many of the moves. Then when I was doing Zumba's Latin dance workout it dawned on me, 'Soccer is passionate footwork and dance is passionate footwork. They need to get together!' So, I took my lifelong love of soccer, teaching, music, and dance and choreographed this creative skills program called Soccer Jam, praying the whole time that Christ would help me choreograph an innovative program that has almost never been done in the world."