Soccer Jam was filmed at F.I.R.E. Fitness HQ in Wisconsin, USA.

~ Currently, the Soccer Jam Skills Video is free on Youtube for now due to the COVID restrictions! Go to the Soccer Jam Skills Program channel and click on the Playlists.

Perfecting individual footwork by dancing with the ball.

Soccer Jam Skills Program Video  Free on Youtube!  Or, $19.99

Start here!  This is the main, flagship program that helps soccer players perfect their individual footwork by dancing with the ball.  This video is all you need to perfect the 40 moves and get 2,500 touches on the ball in the one-hour workout.  This Skills Video includes the five Jam Rehearsals (Instruction) and the five Jam Sessions (dancing with the ball).  Although there are no kids in the video, these workouts are geared for ages 10 and up, and led by Kelly Knauss, Soccer Jam's multi-talented founder, choreographer, and skills expert.

The DVD is SD, delivered in the U.S. via USPS, is usually mailed out the next day, and arrives in 4--5 business days.  Or, choose the online videos which are HD, delivered instantly, available in the U.S., Canada, UK, and other countries, can be played online and offline and/or downloaded, are hosted on Vimeo's website & app, and playable on connected devices.  All prices shown are USD.  Own yours today!

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Or, buy the internet streaming & downloadable video hosted on Vimeo's website & app.

Soccer Jam Freestyle Video $14.99

The Freestyle Video is for independent types.  The Freestyle Video is for those who have perfected the Soccer Jam Skills Program Video above.  The Freestyle Video moves will NOT make sense without mastering the Soccer Jam Skills Program Video.  The Freestyle Video consists of the original five Jam Sessions from the flagship Soccer Jam Skills Program Video.  It has the original music, displayed moves, and a countdown timer within a stylish dashboard.  The Freestyle can be played on almost all devices.  At this level there is no instructor in the videos.  You take flight and become an independent, Soccer Jam "freestyler”.​  Soccer Jam Captain & Coaches lead Soccer Jam Sessions with this video. We are aiming to empower others to lead this Fall 2020.  See the trailer here.

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Buy the internet streaming & downloadable video hosted on Vimeo's website & app.

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"Skills" Video
"Freestyle" Video
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Save 15% when you combine and purchase the online & downloadable Soccer Jam Skills Program Video AND Soccer Jam Freestyle Video together in this combination play!  For team purchases, contact us.

Now is the time to take your footwork to new heightened levels!  If you want to be a great soccer player, you need Soccer Jam in your arsenal.  

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Soccer Jam Sessions & Camps

We have local Soccer Jam Sessions & Camps in Green Bay, Wisconsin USA (click here) and will aim to expand this Fall 2020.